Best Floor Exercises For Women

Kelab Jom Kita Sihat sentiasa ingin memberikan yang terbaik kepada ahli-ahlinya.  Oleh itu, selain daripada senaman aerobik biasa, "floor exercise" juga amat baik untuk wanita.  Sesi "floor exercise" akan diadakan pada 17 Januari 2012 (khas untuk ahli sahaja).  Floor mats akan disediakan oleh Kelab Jom Kita Sihat.

Oleh itu, dapatkan maklumat tentang "floor exercise" melalui artikel di bawah ini terlebih dahulu.

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After publishing my previous hub on leg exercises on gym machines both for men and women, I thought why not write out some important and basic exercises for women. So today I am going to share with you all one abdominal and two pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles and pelvic joint respectively. It is my belief that if any woman will include these three very light floor exercises in her workout routine and do them on a regular basis, it will provide tremendous results in the strengthening the lower body and also losing weight. I have also provided how to perform these exercises effectively with appropriate pictures and also the benefits of these floor exercises. So the first one is:
Abdominal exercise done on floor. Involves you to touch knees with your elbows while lying on back. 
bicycle crunch or bicycle riding abdominal floor exercise step 1 
Bicycle riding type abdominal exercise lying on back on floor step 2

Best Abdominal Floor Exercise - Rider-Type or Bicycle Crunch
This is a variation of abdominal exercises performed lying on floor placing your hands behind your head. In this exercise, you have to bring your elbows alternately (first one side and then the other) to touch the opposite knees. The movement of your legs should be very similar to that of a person riding a bicycle. To make good movement, it is very important to move your elbows, knees, and spine at the same time and you must also remember to separate your shoulders off the floor without touching them with your foot.
This can be also be termed as an aerobic exercise as it is always executed in long series until your feel the burning sensation in your belly. Beginners can start this exercise with short routines and increase it gradually. Benefit of this abdominal exercise includes strengthening of abdominal muscles and spine, increased flexibility in the body. This exercise stimulates oblique and rectus abdominis and rectus femoris during flexion of hip.

Bicycle crunch or rider type abdominal strengthening exercise step 3
Girl lying on back arms crossed knees flexed 
Lying on back- arms crossed - knee flexed - rotating pelvis exercise step 1

Best Pelvic Floor Exercise - Rotating Pelvis on Floor
This pelvic floor exercise is good for strengthening the pelvic and abdominal area. It is done lying on your back with arms crossed and knees flexed towards your abdomen. In this exercise, the movement should be to inspire and slowly lower your knees towards the floor. Now, return to your starting position and then inspire your knees down to the opposite side and exhale when doing so. Although the hip flexors are involved in this exercise in a static way, this exercise mainly works the internal and external muscles of your abdomen. The long series of 15 to 25 full rotations made slowly provide the best results. You have to stretch your abdominal muscles in every dip of the knees, so it becomes very important to keep your head and shoulders flat on the floor always. Those who want to have good flexibility in the hamstrings can increase the intensity of this workout by doing this exercise with straight legs. Benefits of pelvic floor exercise, rotating pelvis type: Strengthening of hips, pelvic area, and abdominal musculature. Also, this exercise is beneficial to improve flexibility and weight loss due to fat burning process of the abdominal muscles.
arms crossed lying back
Arms along body - legs on gym ball - buttocks off floor - feet as high as possible - elevation of pelvis 
elevation of pelvis - variant - pelvic floor exercise

Pelvic Floor Exercise - Elevation of Pelvis on The Floor
This exercise is performed either stretched back on a thin mat or directly on floor. This exercise is also done in the supine position which means lying on your back. The arms are placed along the body and legs stretched more or less depending on the flexibility of your muscles. In this exercise, take a deep breath and the get your buttocks off the floor trying to take your feet as high as possible. Now exhale slowly and return to the starting position and repeat the action according to routine. Also you can do this exercise with a gym ball.
Elevation of pelvis exercise mainly works out the rectus abdominis and internal and external oblique muscles. It is recommend to perform a set of 10 repetitions each made at a slow pace concentrating on contracting the abdominal bands.

A variant of this exercise is that you can move your legs as you are running by raising the pelvis while keeping your back against the floor. This variant of exercise focuses on the bottom or subumbilical of the rectus abdominis muscles.

Benefit of this pelvic floor exercise includes strengthening of lower back, pelvis, and abdominal muscles. This exercise improves postural disorders and is helpful in improving flexibility and strengthening of the lower back region.
Lower back strenthening exercise
These floor exercises not only build strength in the muscles and joints but also are helpful in burning fat and reducing weight to some extent. So what are you waiting for lie on the floor and start doing these exercises. I use to do them like this. Whenever, I am free I do some exercise or other. Basically, working out at least only 20 to 25 minutes on a daily basis is really helpful for increased fitness and reap the actual benefits of exercising. One more thing to add is that as naturally a woman’s body is much more flexible than a man, that is why women find extreme stretching exercises to be really easy for them. So best of luck you all women out there. I need you to start doing these exercises and be fit for your lifetime.

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